Contemporary Studies in Canadian Curriculum: Principles, Portraits, and Practices

Contemporary Studies in Canadian Curriculum: Principles, Portraits, and Practices

This important new collection addresses the current state of curriculum studies in Canada. The book is divided into three parts, focusing respectively on social identities, cultural perspectives, and Indigenous and environmental perspectives. With contributors from universities across Canada, and with topics ranging from the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge to political freedom in the classroom, from sex education to the practice of close writing, Contemporary Studies in Canadian Curriculum is an invaluable exploration of the principles and practices of curriculum theory.

Authors: Kelly Young and Darren Stanley


Steve Alsop, York University; Geraldine Balzer, University of Saskatchewan; Marie Battiste, University of Saskatchewan; Nicole Bell, Trent University; Sheila Cavanagh, York University; Brent Davis, University of Calgary; Leesa Fawcett, York University; Luigi Iannacci, Trent University; David W. Jardine, University of Calgary; Andrejs Kulnieks, Nipissing University; Linda Laidlaw, University of Alberta; Dan Roronhiakewen Longboat, Trent University; Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Queen’s University; Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, University of Ottawa; Anne Phelan, University of British Columbia; Sharon Rich, Nipissing University; Tasha Riley, AIDS Vancouver; David Smith, University of Alberta; Hans Smits, University of Calgary; Darren Stanley, University of Windsor; Dennis Sumara, University of Calgary; Kelly Young, Trent University.

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