JCT Bergamo Conference Call for Papers

JCT Bergamo Conference Call for Papers

2012 Call for Papers

33rd Annual Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice

Bergamo Conference Center, Dayton, Ohio

October 18 – 20, 2012

Crisis, Compassion, and Curriculum of Global Imagination:

Toward Inter/Trans/National Activism, Occupation and Advocacy

Online proposal submission opens June 1, 2012

Submit proposals no later than August 3, 2012

The present realities of global imperialism, standardization, corporate take-over, and the ever-growing, unending assaults on public education, working people, and equity are persistent. We are increasingly interconnected during this moment when the few benefit at the expense of many. A sense of interdependence and commitment to activism, occupation and advocacy are more important now than arguably ever before. Manufactured educational crises, political wrangling, and deliberate efforts to end social support services designed to serve the most vulnerable are destroying civil liberties, freedom, and participatory action in the United States and around the world. The public imagination offers few alternatives for seeing, thinking, and believing in the possibility for a vision that does not endlessly repeat the present and past.

Most recently, however, the OCCUPY movement captured our attention as an alternative, a possibility, a promise, a position of opposition, resilience, and collective synergies. The movement has defied borders stretching across nations from Canada and Cairo, to Spain and Tunisia and signals a time of mass unrest and civil protest against corruption, market manipulation, and corporate greed and exploitation. It spans social classes and educational strata equalizing the educated elite and the working class – both without access to a liveable wage. Even without clearly defined demands, the momentum moved us in ways reminiscent of powerful movements in our past.

In what ways do we enact opposition, activism and advocacy in curriculum studies? What are alternative visions for moving toward beyond current established and enduring popular imaginations limited by the constraints of past and current realities? How do we look inward and look outward to enact a curriculum of global imagination that transforms the nature of relational dynamics into the direction of embracing international connectedness and relationships within, between, and among the local, the national, and the global?

We invite teachers, students, scholars, theorists, administrators, and cultural workers to join us in this endeavor at the 2012 Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice. Reflecting our commitment to advance understandings of curriculum of global imagination, this year’s conference features speakers whose work challenges us to imagine new possibilities for curriculum and education. The “Provoking Dialogue(s)” sessions return for a third year allowing for us to engage in communal discussion of new and classic curriculum texts. The conference also will feature diverse and dynamic all-conference sessions, nightly social and cultural events, and professional development opportunities targeted at current graduate students.


Jean Anyon is the national award-winning author of Ghetto Schooling: A Political Economy of Urban Education andRadical Possibilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and a New Social Movement (second edition, 2013). Other books include Theory and Educational Research: Toward Critical Social Explanation, Marx and Education, and Personal Trajectories in Theory Work. She is the author of many journal articles, several of which have been reprinted in 45 edited collections. Her work appears in German, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese translations. She is Professor of Urban Education at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


Warren Crichlow is a member of the University Faculty of Graduate Studies, and he is associated with the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, Culture and Communication, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada. His current research initiatives include the development of a transnational, collaborative project on media arts practices in schools and communities in Canada, Argentina and the U. S., a Robarts Centre project investigating the role of festivals and cultural policy in constructing the creative city, among others. He sits on the Advisory Board of the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), and is active in the Gallery’s contemporary art and education outreach initiatives with local communities.

Ming Fang He is Professor of Curriculum Studies at Georgia Southern University and Professor of Curriculum [an elected member of an honor society affiliated with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and the American Educational Research Association]. She published her study of the identity development and cultural transformation of immigrant Chinese women teachers in a book,A River Forever Flowing: Cross-Cultural Lives and Identities in the Multicultural Landscape (2003). She published a co-edited book,Narrative and Experience in Multicultural Education (2005). She published another co-edited book, Personal~Passionate~Participatory Inquiry into Social Justice in Education (2008). She was an Editor of Curriculum Inquiry, is a Leading Associate Editor of Multicultural Perspectives, a Co-Editor of Handbook of Asian Education (2011), a Co-Editor ofHandbook of Curriculum Paradigms, Perspectives, and Possibilities in Asia (in preparation), and a Co-Editor of Handbook of Forms of Curriculum Inquiry (in preparation). She is an Associate Editor of the Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction (2008), a follow-up to AERA’s Handbook of Research on Curriculum (Jackson, 1992), which features the work of diverse leading scholars in the field.


There are five all-conference sessions planned for this year’s conference. The topics of these sessions include cultural studies, oral history and curriculum studies, global imaginations in curriculum studies, and social class privilege. Scholars leading these sessions are Ming Fang He, William Ayers, Rob Helfenbein, Adam Howard, and Jane Kenway. More information about these sessions will be provided in the coming months.


This will be the third year of our “Provoking Dialogue(s)” series. This series of three sessions provides opportunities for authors or editors of books that are significant within the curriculum studies field, dialoguers who are also notable scholars within the field, and the audience to engage in provocative dialogues using the featured book as a jumping off point. Authors are William Ayers, Greg Dimitriadis, and Jane Kenway .


The annual Bergamo book sale is a tradition of the conference, with major curriculum theory texts available for purchase every year. If you would like your book to be featured please contact Omar Haddad at ohaddad@jctonline.org <mailto:swooten@jctonline.org> and he will contact your publisher and request a copy.